The Wooden Box

In March 2010 I married my eternal companion The General.  We chose the date we did to coincide with the full moon.  This particular full moon was special though.  It was a blue moon, that is (based on the modern definition) the second full moon to occur in a calendar month.  This particular full moon was even extra special though.  It was the second blue moon in the year.  An event that only happens every 19 years (ours was an extra one thrown In the middle and actually only happened due to timezones). The next time this event will occur is in 2018.  Our ceremony was held at night underneath the light and power of this moon.

This year we celebrated 5 years of wedded bliss (=p) no, we really are disgustingly happy…  For our anniversary The General got the local men’s shed to make me a special one of a kind gift.  A wooden box.  Custom design just for me.  He intended it to be for jewellery, but after putting my bits and pieces in it, and sat it on my dressing table, it just didn’t feel right.  This is not what this box should be used for.  It didn’t take long for me to work out what this box was created for.  My day to day art supplies =)

It now sits proudly on my shelf next to my seat on the couch, and is filled with my sketching pencils, a black marker, a sharpener, an eraser, a small ruler and smudging sticks.  Everything I use regularly.  My coloured pencils, coloured pens, bigger ruler, compass etc are in a drawer on the other side of the room I just get out as I need them (also stops the girls from using them).

Thankyou husband =)

Wooden box

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