The Rock

My little family and I live in a town with a population of under 1000.  There is nothing here, and I love it.  It is quiet and peaceful.  It is so open and flat.  It is so dry and hot in summer you can feel the sun burn you as you go outside.  So why are we here?  good question….

Well our town does have one thing that no other town has.  We have our own lion protecting us.  It towers over us, watching us, a king surveying his land.  When you look up at it, your body, mind and soul are overwhelmed by the amazing natural beauty of this thing.  It stands so proud over our town, keeping us safe.

At least that is how I feel when I look up and see the limestone rock formation that has erupts from the ground elevated 500m above our town.  It is known as ‘The Rock’.  (apparently it use to be called The Hanging Rock, but in the late 1800’s the hanging bit feel off…so they just dropped that bit of the name).  From the top you can see for miles.  You look west over the hay plains and it is so flat it is like you are looking over an ocean.  You look south east, and on an extra clear day you can see Mt Kosciuszko, Australia’s tallest mountain – 300km away.

Instead of posting an actual photo of The Rock I thought I would share a sketch I did of it a few years back.  It doesn’t do it justice though, you really need to see it in person to feel its power and be truly inspired.

The Rock

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