So, a not so happy random update…  If you read my bio you would know I am pagan.  In the Southern Hemisphere the end of this week marks Samhain in the Wheel of the Year.  It is the time of year we reflect and remember those lost and passed.  The days are getting shorter, the nights longer and darkness seems to surround us.   Yesterday we also celebrated (sounds so weird using that word) but it is right.. ANZAC day, when we remember the fallen soilders.  well something just popped up that I feel I needed to share.

I was actually going through old note books and sketch pads to find things to write about (ha I haven’t quite already run out…=P ) but a picture fell out of an old book.  A picture I forgot I drew, and it is one I never ever ever want to forget…

I drew this sleeping baby one night shift I was working in SCN (nursery), I remember just feeling compelled to draw a baby.  Might have been cause I was surrounded by them… but I knew I wasn’t drawing any of them, I just had this little girl in my head.

(this is where it gets sad…)

A few days later a friend lost her 2 week old baby girl to SIDS. I feel it was her I drew.  I had never met her, but as a result I called the baby I drew Sophie, after her.

Today I am remembering and reflecting on all the babies taken too soon.

Even though they are stillborn they are still born.


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