Initial Art

Mixed media pieces are my favourite once they are completed.  When I first started doing them I was worried the colour and ink drowned out my sketching and it would get forgotten.  and I really don’t want it to cause it is really the backbone of it all.  But after a few goes I like the way it looks, it is like it adds more layers, like a whole extra level. They take longer to do, but I feel are so worth it.

Today’s art show case are pieces pieces are known as ‘Inital Art’ where it is a first letter of someone’s name, their birth flower and their birth stone.  I finished R’s a few weeks ago, but only finished H’s this week.  I was excited to have a new piece to show you, rather than just showing work I did a while ago. (I don’t get to draw as much as I want what with having a newborn and a toddler, which is part of the reason for this blog.  makes me feel arty and that I am doing ‘art’ even if when I can’t)

I do take commissions for these if anyone wants one =)


R, who was born in May – flower is a lily of the valley, and stone is an emerald.


H, who was born in December – flower is a narcissus, and stone is a turquoise.

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