Zentangles – My 1st Attempt

Since starting this blog my online presence has expanded and I have met others, which is great, that was part of the point.  One new thing I have discovered is a art form called ‘zentangles’.  So I googled and was impressed, they look pretty cool, so I thought I would give it a go myself…


I don’t know if I did it right.  To me it is really just doodling, maybe doodling with a little more structure.  I started doing doodle designs I always do, in fact if you look in the centre and the top left you will see a a continuous line like a little worm wiggling around.  this was my go to doodle when I was in high school.  my books were covered in it.  I then copied a few designs from google images.  Mine looks a bit more random than other peoples attempts.  so I think mine is just a random doodle, not a real zentangle, but I will admit it was really relaxing and calming and enjoyable.  so I’m keen to give it another go another time =)

2 thoughts on “Zentangles – My 1st Attempt

  1. Have you ever thought about recreating this in Adobe Illustrator? I would love to see this digital and possibly in color.

    Check out my graphic novel at: xaviangubora.com


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