My Kitchen Sink

Now a kitchen sink might seem like a strange thing to put under the inspiration section.  I was actually torn and undecided as to if I should put it under creative process, but talked myself out of it.  Because even though it is part of the creative process, it is that very first step, which is inspiration.

Who else can say their kitchen sink and washing up is their muse =P

We have been in this house for 4 years, and until 5 months ago we only had a single sink.  I hated it.  Was so inconvenient only having one sink.  So I had been keeping an eye on a double sink for years, as we are broke I wasn’t paying full price for one! I managed to snag this one on a local buy, sell, swap page for $30.  Then, as a birthday present (don’t worry it is what I asked for =P ) my dad installed it for me.

5 months later and I still enjoy (maybe even love?) washing up =) and this is where I make my point.  While I’m washing up is where I get 90% of my ideas from.  I’ll stand there my body washing up on auto pilot and I stare out the window, watching what mischief my dog is up to, and think of drawing.  What to draw and how to draw it.  Ideas flow crazily around my head and this is my moment of peace and clarity to sort out which ones to follow through with and which ones to put on hold.

Kitchen Sink

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