Works In Progress ~ May

Here are my WIP for this month.

A few new ideas and a few completed! (NOTE: these are only private pieces, that is for me, my family and our walls, pieces to add to my portfolio and pieces for sale. I do not include commissions in this list for privacy reasons)


Pieces still in the idea phase (not started)

Maiden, Mother, Crone series

My mystery

W’s mystery

You are…

Beauty and the beast

Pieces started

H’s birth details – outline and 1/2 ink done

Wheel of year – outline and ink done, 1/4 of colour done

H gallafry name – translation, outline done

Redo mine, The General and R gallafry name – translations and outlines done for all

P timeline – ink done

Pieces completed last month

H’s letter

House name sign

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