My Toddler’s Art

I never get to draw as much as I want to, I will blame the children, but not in the way you might think.  It is because my toddler actually shares my passion.  She loves drawing and painting and cutting and sticking.  Be it on paper, in a book, on the chalk board or the white board, on the walls or the floor (much to mummies annoyance).

R drawing

This is great, it really is, I love that my girl wants to create and seems inspired by everything she sees.  Unfortunately though she hasn’t quite understood the concept of hers and mine.  So when ever I try to draw, and set her up next to me.  She always ends up trying to help me with my drawings.

and instead of showing off my creations this time I want to show off one of hers….

here is a drawing she did of our cat she did about a year ago…

Mustang by R

and here is another one of our cat she did last week, a day after her third birthday…

Mustang face

(She is tweaking his whiskers in the photo )

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