A few different layers to today’s inspiration. Firstly is the simple fact one of my WIP consists of fire. So I have been watching our fireplace a little more to watch the flames and make sure I get it as realilistic as possible.

the other reason for fire being my inspiration is what it represents to us. The General works extra hard to make sure we always have wood avaliable for our fire, and majority of the time this involves him standing on the side of the road in the pouring rain and mud, with his chainsaw hoping against all hope the chain doesn’t break, or the saw starts.  He always looses a day of his weekend too doing this for us, his family.  He then makes sure it is always strong and flaming for the evenings, often putting mine and the girls bath towels near it to make them warm.  He gets up multiple times in the night, when I get up with the girls, to check it, make sure it is still going, and before he leaves for work in the morning he always puts the fan on, loads it up with wood, makes sure it is hot and flaming for us when we get out of bed, and that I have wood inside so I don’t have to go out in the cold to get it.

for us, fire represents warmth, love and security.  For me, my husband doesn’t have to do anything else because to me, all that he does just for the fire is enough for me to never doubt that he loves me.

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