Framed and on the wall

Bit of a different art showcase today.  These pieces you have seen before but not like this.  I have been busy walking around my house staring at the walls.  Yes it is hard work! But I have been trying to find places to hang some finished pieces including rearranging ones already hung up.  Mainly to make room for a monster of a project. Which I will be doing a blog post on soon (when it finally goes on its spot on the wall…but at least I know where it is going now!)

So here are some photos of pieces long finished and finally hung up in our home!! image These are our names in Gallafraian, top is The General, then me, R and H.

R and H on door.jpg

The girls initials, were going to go above their beds, but we soon realised it wasn’t going to work because of weird pieces of wood above R’s bed, possibly for having things? who knows they were there when we bought the house.  But anyway, they are now one their bedroom door.

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