Skeletons and Skulls

There are actually so many layers to my love of skeletons.  Skulls in particular, I know I’m not going to cover them all in this blog post because of this I don’t think I will go into everything I do to celebrate and embrace my love of death.  Might save that for a part 2, and leave this one just about skeletons and skulls, because really there is so much more… hobby of grave hunting, my being married in a cemetery, the other member of our family Clavius (he will get his own post at some point I am sure) etc..

If you know me, it is no secret my love for morbid things.  I love anything death related.  I feel it should be celebrated just as much as birth.  They are equals. For me death isn’t an end, if anything it is a beginning.  I believe very strongly in the cycle of life, and death is just a door way to the next chapter.

I love the human body, it is the most amazing fascinating thing in the world.  We still don’t understand it completely and I really don’t think we ever will.  and what is the foundation of our bodies?? Our skeleton! without it we would be a big pile of goo on the floor.

I actually collect skulls, as you might have noticed already in a few photos I have posted from around my house, in the background there is bound to be a skull.  In any given room in my house there will be at least 5 skulls placed randomly about the place. Not to mention in my car….

A strong reason I surround my self with “death” is actually a superstitious reason.  So it is probably a silly reason, but I won’t change my ways in fear of something bad happening, hence my superstition.   Basically because of the balance of life and death, if I surround myself with death, then the life needs to balance it’s self out.  And they only way I let it do that is in real life.  So by having a skull within a metre of me at all times, means life will surround me too.  and I won’t have to experience real death.


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