My babies and birth announcements

Despite my oldest daughter being 3, I have only really just worked out how I am going to do her birth announcement piece of art.  I did do one years ago, but was never happy with it.  and then number two came along I just started doing the same for her.  But it still sits unfinished (after 8 months).  Last year I aquired some more frames (I seem to have begun accidently collecting frames…)  and was looking at these particular ones and thought they would be perfect to do for my girls.

Birth announcement art is one with their names, dates, times measurements etc.. and a photo (or in this case a sketch) of them.

Seen as I have only just finished a little sketch of them both to go on it.  I thought I would share with you. =)

It might sound bad, but babies are boring to draw…Don’t get me wrong I love drawing them and making masterpieces for their parents.  But their skin is so smooth, often there is little to no real expression.  This makes them really quick and really easy, which for me equals boring.  The funnest thing to draw is actually old people.  The older the person, the more I love drawing them, but that is a story for another post =)

So please, for now enjoy a little art showcase of my girls when they were only a couple of days old. (I’ve also added the photos I copied from so you can see how realistic I can get my art to be.

My first daughter “R”

R newbornR newborn sketch


My second daughter “H”

H newbornH newborn sketch

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