Errands app I use

I am a pen and paper person. And I LOVE lists, I have lists everywhere! I have lists for my lists. I also love crossing things off my lists, which apparently there is evidence to show this is pleasurable for many people. So means I may not be completely crazy after all =P.

Although I do also have this strange fear of being bored….so despite my always ticking things off my list, I never finish them, because I’m worried, if I do everything I have to, I won’t have anything to do later, so I have to always leave something so I know I will have something to do, because of this crazy fear of not having anything to do…so maybe a little crazy….
When I started taking commissions though I was a bit worried I might miss one, or mix stuff up, even though I have an ideas book, you turn a page and potentially an idea or art plan gets forgotten about. So I started looking into electronic type ways to keep tabs. Hard when I have specific things I really needed to do. The big thing was being about to have layers of lists, eg, a list of works in progress, and lists of progress for each one. It took me a while and a lot of trial and error, but I finally found an app that lets me have the notes section as a checklist. That and I wanted it to be free!
So for people who are interested in the nitty gritty of my organisation, the app I use is called Errands, it is great cause I can make groups so can use it for more than drawing, and also have commissions in one group, personal in another etc… And then have lists, and lists of my lists =)
here is a screenshot of my works in progress 😉 (and my dodgy attempt at blocking/blurring some personal details)


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