Hidden meanings

I go to people’s house and see stuff around the place and think what a bunch of clutter…i forget that these items mean something to the home owner.  Makes me think what do people see when they see the stuff around my house? Junk? Clutter? Maybe the random pretty thing…
All the things around my house mean something. But not the obvious thing… you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t assume you know something. Nothing is what it seems.
In this post i am sharing one particular shelf in my house.  It has 4 things on it, a skull, the tardis, a wooden drawing model, vase with a rose.
Each of these things represent 4 things in my life i worship the most.  The cycle of life, family, hope and creativity.  Im not going to tell you exaclty which one is which. But i often stare at this little collection in anticipation of getting inspired, be it in life, or in my work.


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