Jigsaw Puzzle Competition! Introduction!

This post is the introduction of something new! Something new, exciting and… FREE ART!!! Who can resist that?!

I have drawn a picture, and it can be yours, all you have to do is tell me what it is =)

The piece is a4 size, and it is mixed media, so includes sketching, ink, colour pencils and coloured ink.  I am going to post a small section of it, and if you guess correctly and win, it is yours completely free!! Every couple of days I will post a new section, and the first person to correctly guess what the picture is of, wins. Each piece I post will give you a little bit more of the picture, like a jigsaw (hence the name of the competition).

The correct guess will need to be on a blog post and you will need to be logged in to comment and be following my blog to be eligible. I will be looking at time stamps to ensure the winner is the first to comment with the correct answer.

so log in, follow my blog and keep your eyes out in the next couple of days for piece number one!!!

14 Sept 2015 ~ PIECE #1

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