Works In Progress ~ October

Here are my WIP for this month. Once again not much drawing this month, as I have been working on a bigger project.  A much bigger project.  One we all dream about and I thought, you know what, I’m going to do it!!  (I do have a blog post planned for said project, but it isn’t finished enough for me to share).  But yes, no much drawing….

(NOTE: these are only private pieces, that is for me, my family and our walls, pieces to add to my portfolio and pieces for sale. I do not include commissions in this list for privacy reasons) 


Pieces still in the idea phase (not started

Maiden, Mother, Crone series 

My mystery – know the 3 elements

The General’s mystery – know the 3 elements

You are…

Pagan Prayer 

Pieces started 

Wheel of year – outline and ink done, 1/4 of colour done

P timeline – ink done 

Beauty and the beast  – started outline

W tattoo for girls

Pieces completed last month (September)

Jigsaw Puzzle Competition piece

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