When real life wins…

Wow. I’m sorry it has been so long. But I have been so busy with life, family, other projects, work, I do have a couple of commissions at the moment.  But I am struggling with them, not because they are hard, they are actually pretty straight forward pieces.  But once again finding time to sit down and do them.

most of my spare time after work and family has been building my new room.  We have knocked down a wall in our house, sealed up a cupboard door, which has left us with an extra room.  I’ll tell you what, after knocking down a wall you really feel like you can do anything.  This extra space has become my study/office/studio.  Don’t get too excited though, the room is only 2m by bit over 1m. But it is now a dedicated area for stuff that use to be crammed in my spare room (aka junk room)

anyway the point is, I am alive, I am ….thinking about drawing…no seriously, I am.  In fact, it is time to put Christmas orders in!!

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