Three cheers…for sweet revenge

As I mentioned in my last post i have been busy rearranging and setting up a dedicated space for all our important stuff. My artwork and supplies falls under this category =)
So moving organising always takes me a but longer cause i find myself looking through old art books, (and reading nursing and midwifery jornals i kept while training).
Because it has been a long time since I showed you some of my work I have picked a piece from an old artbook.


This is a sketch i did of a friend from “The Old World”. She was like the little sister i never had, we never met in person, but for some reason i felt the strongest urge to protect her, to guide her.
Being from The Old World (a period of my life that took place before “The Blackhole”) I am no longer in contact with her….I am sure she is out there kicking arse though.

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