You know when you know something.  Something inevitable, something that is fact, and has been for years and years and years, but part of you still does not want to believe it.  Part of you keeps thinking of scenarios where maybe, just maybe things ended differently.

Then, something does happen, but it is the other way.  Something happens that just solidifies it even more.  carves it in stone, sets it for eternity….

Today I came across this reference to a quote, and realisation just hit me like a brick.

Because of general George S. Patton. “There’s only one proper way for a professional soldier to die: the last bullet of the last battle of the last war.”

Of course it has been added to my quote list I must make art about…  I have about half a dozen I want to do, but am yet to find a format or design that I feel does these quotes justice.  eg.. do I just have the quote in writing, maybe some different fonts, or do I do a drawing along with them?

I have become way more deep in this blog than I originally intended, but that is ok for me, gives me a outlet, which is part of why I do this.

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