This Is War update – outlines

I have made progress on my main WIP – “This Is War”.
This drawing is based on my favourite book series. I became obsessed with it during my formative teenage years and it has shapped my life. Who i am as a person, my morals and ethics, how i live my life is all because of this book series.
Continuing from my last update here is the next stage…
I have actually made more progress but forgot to take a in between shot. So ignore my mostly completed person =p and focus on the outline of the bird and sitting girl.

This post is about how I have done the outline of 5/6 of the characters in the picture, when I finish sketching them I plan on doing a blog post for each character describing who they are and role they play. Infact, one is already done! (Not pictured, so be prepared to meet one of the characters soon =) ) and then when i do the background and other elements in the picture i will be breaking them up and sharing them.
Until then know i an slowly plodding along at it.

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