Meet Cassie

Cassie the Tree-hugger


Cassie was the most down to earth character.  She was a sweet, kind, peace-keeping, animal lover.

<because that’s me right? The voice of whimpering morality> ~ Cassie #53

She also appeared to have a natural talent for morphing.  She was what the Andalites called an Estreen.  Someone who could make art with the way their body warped and changed. She was the most talented and fastest.  But most importantly, Cassie made us realise that nothing is 100% pure evil, or 100% pure good, and nothing is what it seems. She took the biggest risks in the group and as a result, they realise that the bad guys aren’t really all that bad. That a whole race doesn’t define a single person.  And that there are other options besides death, destruction, and war. There can be peace between sides.

She would always be questioning the plan, making sure no one stepped over their line.  Making the others think about the consequences of their actions.

“And all the rights and wrongs and all the lines between good and evil, just go wafting and waving and shifting around, don’t they?” ~Cassie #17

She found it really hard to stay behind her own line.  She found it nearly impossible to remain the moral compass of the group one minute, and then the next have to fight a war.

“…who am I to decide that it’s okay to kill one animal and not another?  Here I am, big Earth Mother, tree-hugger, animal-lover as Marco would say and when it gets down to it I’m just like…   …just like any predator” ~ Cassie #9

Even though everyone else did loose their soul, they would have lost it a lot sooner if she wasn’t involved. She was their lighthouse continuously keeping them from smashing on the rocks. More often than not this was because she could see a path the others could not. She could see further than the current battle, further than the war.  She could see beyond.

“…But if we win and someday it’s all over, you’d better hope there are still plenty of Cassie’s in the world. You’d better hope that not everyone has decided it’s okay to do whatever it takes to win.” ~Jake, #19

As a result she made a lot of decisions in the best interest of the group or the others, that often the others didn’t agree with.  The others didn’t want saving, only cause they didn’t realise they needed saving.

“But it was worth it. The pain, everything.  I’d done what I had to do.  I’d made the sacrifice.  ….  We had nothing to show for this fight.  Except that we were alive to fight another day.  And tomorrow, Jake could face himself in the mirror.” ~ Cassie, #50

Cassie understood people.  She could read their souls.  This was very handy for Jake in the early days when he was trying to understand his team and their motives.  And at first what seems to be an innocent talent, soon becomes an extremely powerful weapon. Cassie, who is peaceful on the surface, was actually responsible for the most ethically questionable plans.

“David hadn’t asked who the mastermind of the plan was.  Who it was who had so accurately appraised his emotions, his need to build his ego, the fact that he would choose me to be his “compainion”.  Cassie, of course.  Cassie had worked it out, step by step, after Jake and I failed to come up with anything.  For Cassie it was an improvement over the alternatives.  See, no one was going to have to die.  But David’s life would end, just the same.”  ~Rachel, #22

After the war Marco refered to her as…Saint Cassie

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