The moon

The moon has always been a big part of my life.  I first felt a connection with it when I went through puberty and followed the similarities of cycle length and the moons cycle.  I have always used it to guide my pagan practice.  Focusing intentions based on what phase the moon is in.

More recently, my husband and I even had it play an important role in our wedding ceremony.  We got married underneath it when it was full.  Not only that we got married under a “blue moon”.  A blue moon has a few different meanings and interpretations, but the modern one is the 2nd full moon in a (Gregorian) calendar month.  Not only that, we got married under the 2nd full moon in a calendar year.  Something that only happens every 19 years.  Can’t get more special than that =)

Here is one of many pieces of art I have done involving the moon.





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