Because you are…

Many moons ago, my first screen name was the name of a Norse rune stone.  I felt a very strong instant connection to this particular stone and the meaning behind it.  Infact I have it tattooed on my back with a pictorial  representation of the story of a particular Norse God who is assossiated with the rune and the verse of the Norse Poem describing the rune.  I also have a connection with this God and his story and it is he who is half of my art works name, which you can read about here.

Anyway, back to the point of the story =P Back in the Old World I kept an online journal.  Which was named the same as my screen name, and this rune.  One day, I noticed I was added by someone I didn’t know.  I still know nothing about who they are.  Because when looking further into it, I noticed they had added every journal named after a Norse rune stone.  (They had even added the city of Perth, WA, because “Perth” is the name of a rune stone.)   Me being me, I couldn’t just accept that, so I messaged the person who owned the journal (there were no entries on it), and asked why did you add me?

This was their response:

“Because you are Battle, Win, Strong, Honesty.  Because of your name”

This was one of the most beautiful things anyone had ever said to me.  And I know it wasn’t me personally, it was purely because of the screen name I chose.  But it touched me so deep.  The words just resonated with my soul.  They still do.  So I decided to make some art about it.

I have taken two photos of it, one with just the text.  Mainly for the technical side of things so people can see my different fonts and ink writing work etc…


and then I have the final copy, with a picture of the rune stone, and the ribbon, which is part of the Gods story.


I have hung this up in my house where I see it everyday.  Like my daily mantra =)

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