What am I doing?

I seemed to have stopped doing my WIP monthly posts. I’ll be honest and say the reason is because I got confused…I had a moment when i couldn’t work out is the month was previous or current and thus which section to put what i achieved last month etc… no idea why it confused me so much, when I made them..anyway.
So, what have I been doing? I did draw a train yesterday, first time ever. Did it for a friend. That was fun.
But mainly i have been working on my own private pieces, mainly my main giant masterpeice.
I still have a couple more characters to write up about, but as I’ve mentioned before I find it alot harder to write than i do draw. So they will come, one day.
I bit the bullet today and did the first bit of coloured ink.


I always get nervous doing ink, because it is permanent.  You can’t just rub it out and try again like you can with sketches.  So it makes me nervous and out of my comfort zone.  But this is also the exact reason why I am really enjoying doing it!

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