My commute to my day job is over an hour. People often askme how I find the drive and I explain how I actually really enjoy it. It is my me time, to unwind (from both work and home) so when i get to my destination I am actually more equiped to handle it. I can leave more stuff behind me and do my job better/be a better mum.
When driving I listen to my music, and lately I have been listening to alot of podcasts (mainly cause I havn’t had radio in my car since I got it in Jan…a long painful story that will hopefully be fixed soon…) This gives me more time to think, and, finally reaching the point of thos post =p
Whilst recently driving I came up with a new epic art piece.  One that has a new feature I haven’t tried before =)
I hope to share the stages of this one with you as I do it.  So keep posted on updates for it!

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