Birth (From Death to Birth)

I mentioned in a previous post how I had a crazy new idea for an epic piece, that involved something I have never done before.

This is the first post in my work in progress of this piece.  This piece will be named (as I seem to name art before I do them…)  “From Death To Birth” (so follow that tag to get the WIP shots of it).

So here is the “Birth” section of it.  This is an image I have been playing with for a while, was actually first in my head as a tattoo design for my back.  But I have since moved away from getting it as a tattoo, and happy to have finally drawn it in its full.  The other reason I am proud of this is I did this completely from my head.  I did not need to look at reference pictures to make it.  I just drew what was in my head and it came out just how I pictured it.


There is potential for me to add to it, eg maybe add leaves to the tree? maybe add ink to the bottom (placenta).  But I will wait until I have done the “Death” part to see how they parallel each other.


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