Bullet journal

I have recently come across the term Bullet Journalling (bujo).  I was on the hunt for personal planner ideas because I don’t feel my head is truley wrapped around the daily mess that is our lives.  And i know it will only get worse as the kids get older.  With my shift work, every week is different, and every day is different as to where the kids are and who drops them off and who picks them up.
I discovered that bullet journaling is basically what i do. Eg every person has their own colour, and different symbols for different events.  The only difference is my to do lists, budget etc are all on seperate pieces of paper in random places around the house, instead of being in the one place. 
This then made me come to sad realisation that my current system wasn’t working simply because my planner just isn’t big enough.  The reason this makes me sad, is because i have this beautiful leather pouch that i just buy inserts for each year. I have had it for 10 years, and it olds alot of sentimental value to me.  But it just isnt big enough to keep everything i want in it….

I bit the bullet tho, and got a bigger book to make an offical “bullet journal”. I am trying to ue it and make the most of it and just forget my old one….but i know it wont be that easy.
Any ideas what i can use it for instead?

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