I’m sorry

I am sorry for my little hiatus and no posts for a while.  My day job schedule has been insane these last few weeks.  But it will be a bit lighter over the next week so I am attempting to get back on the horse and focus on my art.

I find my art is the first thing to drop when I am balancing everything.  Actually that is a lie, really it is the first ball that is up in the air to drop.  I have a couple of balls already on the ground that I haven’t picked up for a while.

I am looking at how to promote myself better and get my name out there for more commissions.  This includes branching out onto other forms of social media, so watch this space!  I am also attempting little daily challenges to make sure I do draw something every day.  Even if it is a little random doodle.  Ideally of course it would be one of my big WIP, both of which have been sitting on the sideline for way too long.

Speaking of random doodles, here is some of what I use to do a fair bit.  This is from my year 11 art book.  and they are meant to be the reflection of scenes in water, eg on a lake.  I found just drawing them normally was too boring, so would do it like this cause it was quick and easy and different and interesting.


(this also shows that some of my loves and interests never really changed…)


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