In Flames

I have finally had some spare time to actually draw! I have done some more on my epic piece This Is War.  This Is War is based on my favourite book series, and at the moment is really a whole bunch of different elements I wanted to include, and they are slowly coming together as one.

I thought I would share my process with you, to give followers of this blog a little bonus.  I recently finished (although nothing is ever 100% finished) the crashed spaceship and did the flames coming out of it.  Here is a series of photos of my doing the flames.  They show you all the different shades of colours I use and how many layers it takes.




and the final:


In these shots you can also see my tablet on the side as my reference photos.  This sits on my easel nicely, and either has the photo of what I am drawing.  or in this case, the googled images of “fire”.


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