My space

At the start of the year I braved a crazy DIY renovation project in our house. It involved knocking down a wall, ripping out a built in cupboard and boarding up the old cupboard door.
This made a random unusable weirdly layed out space off our lounge room into something that was actually usable.

BEFORE (with a cameo appearance by Clavius Valdamir III)


DURING ( complete with open cupboard door going to our hall way.)





The end result is still only a bit over 2m by bit over 1m, but with my mad tetris skills it suits my needs.  It would be even more mad tetris if I wasn’t so sentimental…

But this is my study/studio/room:


this is it “tidy” =P  I do plan on breaking it down more for you.  because each piece of furniture has a story, I am sure I could do more with the space, and actually have more “space” but i like my story stuff more than industrial space stuff.

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