WIP update

I am aware I have been very absent from here lately.  Unfortunately the darkest time of the year has hit us all very harshly.  Over the last 2 months, there has always been at least one member of our household sick. Me being knocked down 3 times now. When I have been able to work, i have been doing night duty on my day job, and I have been left with no time at all to work on art.

Because of this i think it will be good for me, and thus keen to share with you all, an update on all my current works in progress.  There appears to be a lot more than normal. …

This Is  War ~ things i have planned to do, is another character sketched (i have his position and location mapped in my head) and the border (i am 90% sure i know how that is going to be). After that it will be filling background etc..

From Death To Birth ~ I need to (re)do the death panel (i started but then had help from a child…) I then need to join it all together (this piece is going to be different and doing things i haven’t done before) and i need to add ‘the bling’ (once again trying something newish).

Girl’s Bub Books ~ i am making my girls baby books bujo style. This is something that will keep going and offically never be done as i plan on adding to it for years.  So this will be ‘done’ when they are up to date.

Midwives ~ A few months ago, we got a photo of all the midwives in our unit at work.  It is such a great photo of everyone I have decided to sketch it and then we can hang it in our unit.  I have done the outline, but need to sketch it.

Wheel of the Year ~ This is one I have planned to do for ages.  I started it so long ago, and it has just sat there.  I might actually restart it and do it a different way.  Not sure yet.

Tattoos ~ I have decided what I want as a new tattoo.  I can see it so clearly in my head.  I just need to draw the thing.  I will draw it properly first.  and then at the very least i have the drawing, I want to get another tattoo in between for my kids first.  so this particular one will be years off, if I do end up getting it tattooed.

It is also the time of the year for the shows to start.  I have put art in shows in the past, and am thinking about doing it again.  The catch would be if i find already completed art to put in.  as I doubt I will have time to do anything new for them.

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