A few years ago I decided to start officially doing commissions for people.  Before that my art had only been for me or as gifts for friends.  An acquaintance showed me I could actually get something back for my art.  We organised a trade.  I did some sketches of her and her hubby on their wedding day, and a sketch of their new born daughter.  And in return, she made me some beautiful handmade custom jewellery pieces for me and my matron of honour for my wedding.  She then suggested I start advertising myself.

Since then I have done a number of pieces for so many people.  The best bit is the different things people have asked me to do.  Sketches of couples and kids, sketches of animals, sketches of places.  It has been great, because I have drawn things I would never have just done for myself.

I love doing art for other people.  For you.  I am willing to give anything a go.  And most importantly, I will change and make the piece of art just for you, how you want it.

Here is a sample I did recently, You can see the original photo, and my sketch.

10928081_438317222990763_158714634_n wp-1466305019333.jpeg

You can also check out Examples of sketches, for other examples with the original photo and the sketch, just to see how great my work is.


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