The new path…

A few things have happened over the last month that have really thrown me and made me reconsider exactly what path I (and my family) will be on.  Unfortunately it isn’t the path we wanted.  But it is the one that we have been shoved down and have to make the most of it.  I am trying my hardest to be smart about it in my head and my decisions reflecting that.  But every other fibre of my being is really struggling with it.

To be 100% honest I am circling the perimeter of another blackhole, having been sucked down into a blackhole before (end of “The Old World” and “Limbo”) I am gripping on for dear life.  I am lucky to have such awesome girls and a king of a husband to keep me anchored.

To distract me, or whatever I did something this week I have been considering for years.  I just couldn’t make a decision.  well I did and…


this could be interesting =)

4 thoughts on “The new path…

  1. I wish you the absolute best time on your new adventure!! I know how much of a struggle this last month has been for you, if I could change things for you I would (but you know that),so instead I will be there to support you any way I can on your new path….. it will be a rough start, but after the climb I hope you get a fantastic view xxxxxxxxx


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