Life is art

I am annoyed that I have so many unfinished projects lying around. The most annoying part is that their completed images are so clear in my head, I just can’t seem to get them out onto the paper.  Combination of time, energy, motivation etc..

So today I made a very spontaneous last minute decision to ditch my children (don’t worry they are both safe and happy) and have an art day. Or atleast try to make it prominently art filled combined with other random crap around the house I really should do….

Another motivating game changer…. I recently had to rearrange my space/studio/study/2m x 1m work space to make room for a new computer (yay! I know! My laptop I got 2nd hand 6 years ago just wasn’t cutting it anymore) as a result my easel doesn’t fit in here anymore…this is a pain as now it doesn’t have a fixed spot, so is in the way… But whilst brainstorming solutions I noticed how easy it actually is to move (despite being 7ft+ tall). So now I can move it around, I can find new comfy places to do art, and this pleases me more than having this big thing in our way (for now)

Well then…back to it!

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