Products, Designs and Prices


A pencil sketch, you provide me with a photograph…

148 mm x 210mm (A5) ~ fit 1 person/object ~ $25
210mm x 297mm (A4) ~ fit 1 person/object ~ $40
250mm x 510mm (landscape) ~ fit 2-4 people/object ~ $60
297mm x 420mm (A3) ~ fit 1-3 people/object ~ $70

Examples of sketches with their original photograph here: Sketches From Photographs

With added Ink work…
writing eg name and date ~ extra $10
basic border ~ extra $20
complicated eg celtic border ~ extra $50

Ink drawing

A sketch done in black ink…

sketch size plus $20.

Examples can be found here: Delorean and Frilled Neck Lizard

Mystery Art 

Mixed media (sketch, black and coloured ink and colour pencils), you tell me a Location, Colour and Symbol

(A4) ~ $70

Example can be found here: Mystery Art – In Rememberence

Initial Art 

Mixed media (sketch, black and coloured ink and colour pencils), you tell me a letter and the persons birth month for their flower and stone

(A4) ~ $70

Example can be found here: Initial Art


Examples include “timeline drawings”, “housenames”, “birth details” etc…

Please just discuss with me what you want and we can talk options and what is the best size and medium to meet your needs.

Prices include postage within Australia.

as I progress some examples of my work will be on here, until then you can find some more on my facebook page

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