Reviews and Testimonials

“I am so very appreciative and lucky to have a beautiful sketch of my two children.  Manda took three photos and gave me a gift that will remain a treasure in our home.  The sketch captured the personality of my children in their faces and looked life like.  Thank you so much Manda.”  
~Cath Scott.


“Manda has created two wonderful personal drawings for us from our photos, they both seem more real and wonderful than the original photos!”
~Anne and Nicky.


“Manda has done quite a few sketch pieces for me. She has created beautiful artworks of my children that I will cherish forever, and I have also given sketches to family for presents. Her latest work of art hanging on my wall is a gorgeous portrait of my family. It is not always easy to get two young children to pose well for a nice photo, so we hadn’t been able to get one of the four of us, but Manda was able to use four separate photos of my self, my husband and our children, and we now have a unique family portrait that we otherwise would not have been able to have. Manda is a very talented and dedicated artist and I am definitely going to continue to make use of her talents as my kids grow up capturing them in a series of beautiful sketches. :-)”
~Kat McIntyre