Leaky roof

For this one, i did take a video, but can’t upload it…so here are a couple of photos and i will try my best to explain it…


This is the top of our fireplace, that puddle is water, leaking from our roof… it rained here for days, no rain for a month, and then bucketed down for 3 days straight…so much in such a short period of time caused our roof to leak (again, 1st time was during our first daughters first birthday party, that was fun) anyway. This spot has leaked before, but this was worse. As the fire was on, any drops that have hit before evaporate immediately,  this time there was enough to form a puddle.  But you would not believe how beautiful, how calming, how hypnotic it was watching the drip, hearing it hit the fire, see splashes appear and fizzle out straight away just in time for new ones to appear. I wish i could get the video to work..

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