Old stories

This post isn’t art related per Se….

I recently found my old backup CDs from over 10 years ago.  On them were a bunch of old stories I had written.  Some short, less than a page, some long, about 50 pages.   I also found my mind map of planned ideas.  Some I still love and think they are actually good.  Others can be good with some attention and work.  I want to do this, put some att nation into them and do something with them.  Writing and publishing a book has always been on my bucket list.  But arm it is just another thing to add to my list of things I never get done. (Like updating this blog, or working on the multiple half finished draft posts just sitting there)

So yea, just thought I would share this.  I did also find photos of more old art work! So who knows what till pop up here in the next little bit.

One thought on “Old stories

  1. I say go for it, if you have a bunch of short stories, you could bring out a collection of short stories in one book. Have a title page for each with a grand drawing. You could also test the water with posting a few on your blog, as a teaser for things to come.


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