My mug

The inspiration post today is my mug.  I only recently bought myself this one and I bought it purely for the words written on it. “trust birth”.  This is something I need to be reminded after the birth of my second daughter.  It is something that I fundamentally believe in.  It is part of my life’s work.

Depending on the time of day will depend on what my mug is full of.  The thing is, it is ALWAYS full.  If it is morning, it is full of coffee.  If it is afternoon or evening it is full of tea.  Like it is in this photo.  Filled with my favourite tea, Russian Caravan.  I do sometimes have real tea leaves, but most of the time I have my quick go to tea bags to get my hit.  In between cuppa’s I have been known to have some water in it to drink =)

One thing that is a must.  I must have a cuppa with me when I am drawing.  I just can’t draw without one.

My Mug

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